Does Spain need another guitarist?

When I told a bass player friend that I was going to live in Spain, he raised an eyebrow and asked, “Does Spain really need another guitarist?”  “How is it possible to have too many guitarists?” was the reply.

Years later I am still living in a place where within a short period of time, I had already heard the best Jazz guitarist (Joan Soler), the best Flamenco guitarist (Jose Manuel)  and the best Spanish guitarist (Fernando Espi) I had ever heard live.  Worse still, the music was free to listen to, with the concerts supported by the generosity of the Town Hall through my taxes.  If these people are playing just a stone’s throw away from my front door, who else is out there waiting to be discovered?

Despite my playing and this website, my contribution remains small.  The challenge does not diminish a love for the instrument and respect for the craftsmanship and skill of the guitarists of Spain.

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