Bull fighting in France – Constitutional

Click to view a larger version of this imageCapital Punishment, is against the constitution of France, Spain and the UK.  It is unconstitutional to execute child murderers and serial killers. Even if you do not agree, the fact that it is enshrined in law is a declaration of civilized values.

However, a new ruling today in France by a panel of leading Judges, has decreed that the killing, maiming and torturing of animals in the name of entertainment is completely constitutional. We are told that it brings much needed jobs in tourism. I imagine that plenty of tourists would have also attended public executions during the French revolution, but one is unconstitutional and the other fine and dandy. Forgive my confusion.

To complain about bull fighting is to be seen as making an attack on our fundamental freedoms. Bull fighting in France and most parts of Spain will continue unabated. Only it is not fighting is it? It is a sadistic, cruel, cold blooded form of torture. Those countries that support it, cannot be expected to be taken seriously by the rest of the civilised world.

History will look back on those supposedly learned Judges and see them for what they really are. Misguided, cold hearted and lacking any shred of real humanity. It was a vote in favour of the constitutional right to drag France back into the dark ages and discredit the office they hold.

Please do not complain to me about Muslim extremists, when influential countries in Europe condone antisocial barbaric behaviour and rule it to be constitutional. To me, legalising the right to kill and torture animals is nothing short of offensive and repugnant and must surely call in to question the value of other judgements made by these people. France’s constitution, remains in tact, but it has now been deemed to embrace some very questionable behaviour?

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