Black is the colour


A few years back, when I told my neighbour that I was learning karate, she asked “what type, Sumo?” That was pretty hurtful, but she was just honestly voicing the first thing that came into her head.

I have lost some weight now and I still have much further to go, but I do feel different. For me learning karate has brought about positive changes. My New Year’s resolution is and remains to try and maintain a positive frame of mind at all times, but there are days when it is more of a challenge. Problems with a house sale, bringing up teenage children or just the daily challenges of earning enough can all take their toll.

I just wanted to share two things that were given to me last week when I was training and having difficulty staying focused because of a stressful day. Our Sensei, (teacher or instructor) took me to one side and explained that when we enter the Dojo, (the space in which we train) we leave the outside world behind. We do not think of our worries, but focus instead on self improvement and what we have to learn to become better in karate.

If you watch the news, you cannot help but be affected by all the negativity that abounds in the outside world. This does not mean that you have to ‘own’ that negativity or have a regressive response to it.  Things can only get better if we are able to adopt a positive mindset.  The kind of thinking that gets things done.  Contrast that to the self limiting belief systems that accompany a negative state of mind.

We can choose how we react to events, we can choose to find positivity in even the blackest moments of our lives.  We can make a difference for good, but not if we are engaged in a downward spiral of despair.   It is our choice…


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