The Al Morton Podcast

It’s FREE… Either follow the links to the podcast site here where you can listen to my radio show on dealing with life’s vicissitudes, the differences between British and Mediterranean culture, and the twin plagues of COVID and flag-worship. You can stream them directly from the embedded player (not the plagues, obviously) at the bottom of this page. There are no grovelling ads. I will be uploading at least one episode a month.

Later recordings include guitar anecdotes and music from friends and myself. Get ready to be amused and amazed. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and sign up for the newsletter thingy. You can follow on Twitter @almorton2 and Instagram @almorton_author. There is a Facebook page Al-Morton because, well you know… Facebook.

IMPORTANT: If you pause the podcast and it asks you to download the Podbean App, just reload the page and resume where you left off. Allow a few seconds for the system to catch up; we don’t have quantum servers yet. 🙂

Latest Podcast: The Pirate Code – Episode 9. This episode is brought to you live from the decks of The Black Pearl, where Captain Balboa instructs Liz Truss on the facts about the British Ministerial Pirate Code. We pay a visit to the Downing St Media Centre, and drop in on the recording of a Nasty Party political broadcast. I pay tribute to HRH the Duke of Edinburgh and discuss cultural differences between the UK and Spain. Finally, I ask the question: Is football necessary? Warning – listeners of a sensitive disposition should skip the first half to avoid embarrassing scenes with a pole dancer…