The Al Morton Podcast

Don’t have time to sit in front of a screen? You could be out exercising, self-isolating in lockdown or walking the dog? Better yet, why not take this opportunity to be amazed at how much more you can achieve. Welcome to the world of Podcasts and in particular The Al Morton Podcast.

Either follow the links to my podcast site here where you can listen to me chat about Spain, writing and dealing with life’s vicissitudes, or you can stream them directly from the embedded player at the bottom of this page. The podcasts are free from grovelly advertising (except for my books and the Talk Radio Europe Interview with Hannah Murray). I plan to upload a new episode every week on a Friday. That’s the plan. You have to have a plan!

The podcast won’t be covering much in the way of politics. Instead, I intend to look at issues such as: how to increase engagement in your writing; the best tools to use; how to manage your writing time, and a little about the process of getting a book into print and promoting it. Get ready to be amazed. Also, please, please, please (OK that’s enough grovelling) follow me on Twitter @almorton2 because opinions are like, well you know… we all have them. See you on the other side, if we manage to avert human extinction in the meantime. 😉