Lockdown Spanish Blues

Day 2 of Lockdown

The family are starting to show signs of cabin fever and we are already down to our last two Jammy Dodgers. Spain is in a state of national emergency, with Alicante looking as if it could be part of a set for a zombie apocalypse movie. We are only allowed out of the house one at a time to buy provisions. We must carry ID and proof of purchase to avoid a 100 to 3,000 euro fine. The only family member that seems happy with this situation, is the dog, Kira. Due to age and arthritic joints, she doesn’t enjoy going out so much, besides it’s raining. She seems content with the comforts of dozing in her basket, whilst the boys fight over who will take her out, to fleetingly escape their incarceration.

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Most writers, web people and now (thanks to COVID-19) musicians, work from home. It is something I have always done in Spain but the peculiarity of the lockdown is causing changes of habit. For example, my desk is the tidiest it has been in years. At one point I thought I may have entered the coronavirus fever-driven delusional phase, as I caught sight of one of my sons heading upstairs with the vacuum cleaner.

One prediction was that there would be a plethora of videos uploaded to YouTube, showing everything from home-style karate, yoga, fitness and guitar performances. My own contribution has been to set up a series of podcasts, the first of which you can listen to here:

For some Millenials, the lockdown has barely registered a blip on a lifestyle rooted in video games and social media. Although cracks are beginning to appear. Games servers are overloading and we have become annoying parents,  cluttering up the place, binge-watching the news. My younger son announced yesterday that he was finished with Instagram, as it was full of bored teenage girls bleating, ‘Oh no, coronavirus!!!’ He also told me that we were wasting our time following the news; COVID-19 is just a nasty cold and only kills old people. We had a frank discussion about that, something along the lines of, ‘Next time you ask an old person i.e. parent, for money, you will be reminded of said statement.’ He did apologise, although he was quick to remind me that the sanction had been rendered impotent by the curfew. They were no longer free to leave the house to fritter away the Morton millions on cañas of cheap lager and games of table football.

So, once the panic-buying of loo roll and hand cleanser has cleared the shelves, don’t forget, you are going to need some reading material. Novels, such as the gripping psychological crime thriller, Permissive Ink, by yours truly, will be in short supply. In truth, there are a few hiccups in supply, as borders have to be crossed in order to deliver this paperback epic. However, all is not lost. I have started a series of podcasts. (It’s like streamable radio on demand) for those not familiar with the technology. The first is an edited version of the radio interview I did with Hannah Murray of Talk Radio Europe. I talk about why I wrote the book and the process of writing. In addition, there is some explanation of the reason why the whole family took up karate. The answer may shock and surprise you, maybe not, but you can download it or listen from the link below. You can also play it from the embedded player above:

Al Morton free signed and personalised bookmarks

Free signed and personalised bookmarks.


As well as the paperback, the book is available in all eBook formats from Amazon and as a gesture of goodwill, I have even lowered the price. If you buy the paperback, the eBook is available at a heavily discounted price. I wanted to make it free, maybe it will be soon, but I haven’t quite figured out how to do that just yet. Also, anyone buying my book from the website will receive free signed and personalised bookmarks. Wow, it can’t get much better than that. Bookmark, designed by my son, Elliot Morton.

Have a great day and stay safe. And don’t forget, if you are locked up in a castle in Spain, feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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