Credits for Episode 7 Aardvarks

The Al Morton TakOut is written and performed by Al Morton.

The Podcast theme is Serenata Española by J. Malats and played by Al Morton.

The Princes Nut Nut & Boris the liar ruined Christmas theme is: ‘Salty Nutz’ – based on a play-along for Sax players who want to learn how to improvise over the tune  Las Maniseras details: Pista para Saxofon – El Manicero (The Peanut Vendor) (Backing Track)

Contáctame: sergioduzent@hotmail.com

The Spanish Guitar infills between sections are written and performed by Al Morton. If you like or want to use them, be my guest but please leave a credit or a link to this website.

Music for the final credits was ‘Easy Living’ a 1937 jazz standard written by Ralph Rainger and lyrics by Leo Robin for the film Easy Living where it was the main theme. Played by myself – Al Morton. Link to full recording here

Special thanks to Sarah Murphy for her acerbic tweets  and Mike Britton for helping me with my guitar work and for his insights. Check his guitar playing out on YouTube here.