Playing Guitar:

I’m still playing. This is my arrangement of Seronata Española by Joaquim Malats. It is the theme for The Al Morton Podcasts and the audio drama I am currently working on. Many people thought that it was me playing but sadly I could not take the credit for the stunning performance of Andrea González Caballero. However, I promised a few listeners that I would record my own version, and here is the first attempt. I had no idea how difficult it would be, especially the higher voicings. After a year of solid work, there is still plenty of room for improvement. It captivates the essence of, Spain and the Spanish guitar but surprisingly Malats was a pianist. My respect to the fine guitarists of Spain, who according to my son, ‘kick my ass’ when it comes to the Serenata Española.

Cavatina by Stanley Myers became popular after the John Williams recording for the film The Deer Hunter in 1970. I have added a jazz intro so that I can still call myself a jazz guitarist. With regards to the profile pic and the Mike Britton comments; I am to the classical guitar what Ana Vodovic is to brick laying.

Autumn Leaves recorded in 2012 at home. It is a great tune that lends itself to harmonic scale extensions and substitutions. All jazz guitarists at some point play it, but I never grow tired of playing it or hearing others do the same.

Vintage footage of Dad and I playing at the Huntsman in Downend Bristol guests with the BGM trio in 1995.

A solo jazz guitar recording of Easy Living (Leo Robin / Ralph Rainger) made in 2001 on my old George Benson Ibanez.  A kind of tribute to the late Herb Ellis, who was really mean to me when I did the sound for his appearance at Yesterdays in Bristol.  Don’t say I don’t know how to hold a grudge. Uploaded to Soundcloud after Divshare deleted my account!!!

Improvisation whilst I try to get my head around how to record a guitar on a laptop.

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