Cahaya Guitar Stand Review

5 stars for the Cahaya wooden guitar stand (new version) for electric or acoustic model CY0180. I wanted to give it 6 stars because it has literally transformed my guitar playing and given me a new confidence. Thanks to these amazing two pieces of composite wood,  I have found that girls now find me irresistible. Last night I had a dream that I was playing a gig when the beautiful Spanish concert guitarist, Andrea Gonzáles Caballero came up to me. She said that my playing gave her a headache but she stayed until the end because she was captivated by the innate beauty of my Cahaya model CY0180 guitar stand. She had flown back early from a sell-out tour of Australia because she was thinking of buying one and wanted to see the CY0180 in action. Well, it was only a dream? 🙁

With its sleek laminated woodgrain effect exterior and rubber trim bindings, it is an essential piece of kit for any serious guitarist. I bet it could even make Ed Sheeran sound like he is as good as Eric Clapton. My main regret is that I only bought one. Now, I only have two problems: firstly, my wife still refuses to let me keep it in the bedroom; I think she may be a teeny bit jealous. Secondly, my pet Thomas keeps using it as his personal latrine and now the stand smells of cat micturate. He is more of a Fender cat really, but if he keeps doing this, I will be acquiring a new set of guitar strings after his trip to the taxidermist.

guitar stand
A Cahaya guitar stand yesterday

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