My Novel: Permissive Ink

“Hidden what? Let me guess: he’s made a fortune, left a secret treasure map and ‘X’ marks the spot. Come on Christian, even a lunkhead like you ought to be able to see through that.”

It’s 2016 and Danek, an investigative journalist, has returned from working in Spain on a case to save an innocent woman from jail. In a London apartment, time is running out when an old adversary, who once punched him senseless, calls out of the blue, claiming to have the answer.

Danek’s assignment is to bring his client’s husband, a rogue city trader, to face justice. In a story rich in irony, the trader has fallen foul of dangerous criminals who are equally keen to catch up with him. With help from his friend Ralph, ex-Scotland Yard, Danek takes on the biggest challenge of his career, but first, he must solve the mystery of who or what is Permissive Ink.

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