Fifty Shades of Stupid


The TakeOut podcasts are written, performed and produced by myself, Al Morton. This includes all of the acoustic music (with a couple of exceptions).

A quick note about the music: These days it is difficult to find genuine ‘no copyright music’. This is different from ‘copyright free’, where the artists and their libraries charge to licence its use. A point often lost on novice podcasters. As a musician, I am in favour of artists being paid for their work. However, The TakeOut series at the time of writing is provided free of charge. Many hundreds of hours of my own unfunded work go into the creation of each episode. This is clearly unsustainable, so I will be launching a Patreon or Go Fund Me style campaign in the near future. It will be a milestone to be able to pay artists, but in the meantime, people like myself rely on the goodwill of other contributors. 

For musical content and sound effects, beyond my own resources, I use the services of I urge fellow podcast producers to use the platform, and where possible, make a donation to the artists. If you are a musician and you believe that I have included your material without permission or appropriate accreditation, please get in touch. 

Thank you for listening. It means a lot to me that you took the trouble to visit this page. 

Full Credits 

Production Editor: Heather Margaret. Podcast artwork – Elliot Morton.

The Takeout Podcast theme

 Serenata Española by J. Malats arranged and performed by Al Morton.

Trailer Into and Outro

Music by Aleksandr Karabanov – Muzaproduction

Angry Mob Horror Music

Why don’t we ask Putin?

Music – Russian Girl by Serge Quadrado

Onboard the Tory Party Death Star

Music – Emperor’s star-wars-style march arranged for guitar and performed by Al Morton.

‘You’ve been listening to’ – interval music:

Song: let’s go to the Beach Artist: Ivan Traveso

Twitter – Mumsnet Cat Ice Cream

Music: Latin Jungle – Caribbean Flavors – Royalty Free Music Prod. by Vasquez / Vodovoz

It is an evil experiment of Jurassic Park proportions mad scientist music:

Written by Lexin Music

Carry on Cleo comedy Music (Tribute to Kenneth Williams)

Circus music on

In the House of Andres Segovia

Fandanguillo by Federico Torroba from the Castillian Suite

Ronnie Scott Jokes

Tea For Two at Ronnie’s, arranged and performed by Al Morton

Sound effects courtesy of Pixabay