Mr Potato Head

Credits for Episode 8 Mr Potato Head

The Al Morton TakOut is written and performed by Al Morton.

The Podcast theme is Serenata Española by J. Malats and played by Al Morton.

The COVID Quarantine Hotels theme was: Funky Disco – Artist : Biz Baz Studio Genre : Pop Mood : Funky

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COVID Hotline Music on Hold was: 

Local Forecast – Slower by Kevin MacLeod

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The Princes Nut Nut & Decorating Nº11 theme is: ‘Salty Nutz’ – based on a play-along for Sax players who want to learn how to improvise over the tune  Las Maniseras details: Pista para Saxofon – El Manicero (The Peanut Vendor) (Backing Track)


The Prince William – Royal Family are NOT Racists sketch was played by

Ímar playing the Father Ted theme tune on the way back from gigging in Ireland!

The Sarah Murphy Tweet background music was: ‘Pirates out for Blood’

Pirates out for Blood (re-mix) · Miguel Johnson


Music provided by: xEpic Journey

Licence Creative Commons Attribution licence (reuse allowed)

The Unlucky Lottery Vender background music was:

‘Sad Instrumental Gipsy Rumba’ by Nick Neblo with acoustic jazz guitar improvisations by Al Morton. Backing track on Youtube or my version from the podcast here

One for The BoysBingo Balls excerpt background music was: Hammond Blues Shuffle B3 Organ Jam (Instrumental) – SjoerdHammond 

Dangerous Corna Virus Ills email from Mike Britton was accompanied by me, Al Morton playing ‘Natalia’ composed by Antonio Lauro (sometimes referred to as Vals Venezolano Nº3)

The underscore music for the final credits was ‘Spain’ written by Chick Corea and performed by Mike Britton with Paul Buck on keyboards. Check out the whole album here…