Specs, Drugs, and Sausage Rolls

Episode 15: In this edition, we meet the captain of the Brexit & Orient Pirate Ship, Spirit of Britain (now registered in Cypress). We visit an Italian bakery as Carrito, a rare wild bear, goes full ‘tonto’ and scoffs all the biscuits. We also try to save a big dog called Boris after it eats a pair of the British prime minister’s socks in an Italian castle. Finally, Mike Britton, jazz-guitar twanger to the stars, explains why he had to give his award back and shares a few tips on keeping warm during the fuel crisis. I hope you can find the time to join me in this face-slapping, Kinder-Egg Surprise of a Takeout. 

Music and Production Credits

The Takeout was written, performed and produced in Alicante, Spain by Al Morton. Production Editor: Heather Margaret. Podcast artwork by Elliot Morton.

With thanks to Michael Britton, winner of The Greatest Guitarist of all Time on Earth award and for his tips on keeping warm during the energy crisis.

The Takeout Podcast theme

 Serenata Española by J. Malats arranged and performed by Al Morton.

Spanish guitar segments and playout music

Written and performed by Al Morton 

Einstein’s Bavarian Drinking Music 

Music by JuliusH

Save the Big Russian Dog

Music by SergeQuadrado


Pirate Captain Spaffer

Music by TeknoAXE Royalty Free Music – Track: Pirate Waves


Ungrateful Twitter – Nazanine segment

Music: Latin Jungle – Caribbean Flavors – Royalty Free Music Prod. by Vasquez / Vodovoz

The Bear that Scoffed ALL the Biscuits

Music by Serge Quadrado


‘You’ve been listening’ to interval music:

Song: LA CALLE ESTÁ CALIENTE Artist: Azabache (ft. Pacheco)

Nadine Dorrito’s Jungle Adventure Sketch + A letter from Mike Britton

Music: Son-Montuno Cuban Piano Music by JuliusH