The Rise Of The Machines

The Al Morton TakeOut Episode 20


The Takeout Podcast was written, performed and produced in Alicante, Spain by Al Morton. The solo acoustic and Spanish guitar music is arranged and performed by Al Morton. 

With thanks to Michael Britton for his unique insight and also to my great friend Bill Dunham for the loan of his Francisco Bros Anniversario guitar used in the Chatbot Girlfriend segment underscored music: – My Unfunny Valentine 

For musical content and sound effects, beyond my resources: I encourage fellow podcast producers to use these resources and make a donation to the artists. Care is taken to avoid copyright infringement. If however, you believe that material has been included without permission or appropriate accreditation, please contact me. 

Thank you for listening. It means a lot that you took the trouble to visit this page.

Full Credits 

Production Editor: Heather Margaret. Podcast artwork – Elliot Morton.

The Takeout Podcast guitar theme

 Serenata Española by J. Malats arranged and performed by Al Morton.

Episode Intro music

Music by Aleksandr Karabanov – Muzaproduction

UK’s – Trans Pacific Partnership Deal Music

Son Montuno Cuban Piano Music by JuliusH

Twitter and Social Media Commentary

Salsa Music – no copyright – no attribution

GB News excerpt ‘Lockup all the protesters’ underscored Music

Garry Linekar 

Sarcastic AI Bank Assistant Bot

Come Fry With Me arranged and performed by Al Morton

The Problem with Chatbot Girlfriends

My Unfunny Valentine arranged and performed by Al Morton

Interval Music ‘You are Listening to’

Let’s go to the beach by Ivan Traveso

Darth Vader’s Anger Management Therapy Sketch

A variation of and tribute to the ‘Emperor’s March’ theme from Star Wars with all the right notes but not necessarily played in the right order. Performed and arranged in a hopefully non-copyright infringing sort of way by Al Morton.

Policing a Coronation – locking Up Street Buskers playing wrong Chords 

Lara’s theme from Doctor Zhivago’s Big Night Out accidentally played with all the right chords