Typhoid Mary

Credits for Episode 5 Typhoid Mary

This is an archive episode of The TakeOut. It was recorded in August 2020 from my home in Spain near the start of the pandemic. I’m using a microphone that was a little too bright but replaced it with a more suitable version soon after. I believe these early podcasts give some insight into the differences between the UK and Spain’s handling of the emergency. At the time of posting, the book still has not been published. Sighs…


The Al Morton Takout is written, performed and produced by Al Morton.

The Podcast theme is Serenata Española by J. Malats and performed by Al Morton.

The Spanish Guitar infills between sections are written and performed by Al Morton. If you want to use them, I would love it if you could leave a credit or a link to this website.

Special thanks to @13sarahmurphy from Twitter for her included tweets.

Julian Bream Memoriam

‘Granados from the Suite Española Opus 47’ by Isaac Albéniz published 1886. An extract is included in this podcast from a performance already in the public domain. It is a tribute following his death on 14th August 2020

The stag party lift music theme: 

Local Forecast – Slower by Kevin MacLeod

Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song…

License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b…

‘Cavity Tina’ was arranged, performed and talked over by Al Morton. It is loosely based on the tune ‘Cavatina’; more commonly known as the theme from the film The Deer Hunter which featured a similar tune (but not in any copyright-infringing-sort-of-way) by Stanley Myers. John Williams had a stab at it in the film but my more jazzy version has still managed to make people cry, although mostly for the wrong reasons.

A special thank you to my great friend Mike Britton for allowing me to share some anecdotes of our time on the road together.

Details of the ‘no copyright’ music used in the trailer at the end can be found on the details page for The Cruel Sea.